ApplyMap and ApplyFacts

I’ve been working full-time on a new startup, ApplyMap, for about the last nine months now.

This, my friends, is the ApplyMap Mortarboard.

This, my friends, is the ApplyMap Mortarboard.

<elevatorpitch>In a nutshell, ApplyMap is a site that helps high school students decide where to apply to college. They give us their grades, their test scores, their school preferences, and how many applications they’re willing to fill out, and our algorithm returns the best possible mix of schools for them to apply to, including dream, reach, match, and safety schools. It’s not unlike the advice you’d get after spending an hour with a good college counselor or consultant, except it’s online, it’s free, and it takes less than five minutes.</elevatorpitch>

We’re up to all kinds of exciting things at ApplyMap, some of which will be called out right here on my personal site. Today I’m plugging ApplyFacts, our analytics blog. The first post, which I just put up, explains what we’re doing writing a blog when our job is to do math and help kids–especially kids from underserved communities–get into college. Hint: good science is only good when non-scientists hear about it!

Check it out and spread the word.